Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blouse Back neck Embroidery

It's been months I have done embroidery in the back neck of a blouse.  I have choosen this particular blouse because there is no confusion in selecting the colors. The saree has only embroidery in black color thread.  I have been looking and looking after so many designs, books that I have but not able to come up with a final design.  Then I have seen the stitch called Eskimo laced edging in sarah's embroidery tutorials site and thought why not we apply this stitch to the neck and succeeded in doing that. You can learn the stitch here.
 You know one thing it took only an hour (less than that) to do this.  It is simple running stitch and then going through the stitches. That's all.  At last to give the stitch a rich look I have glued the stones on the edge of each stitch.  So have a look.  How is it?
waiting for your feedbacks. 


  1. I have never seen this attractive stitch before. It is perfect for your neck design for the blouse and I like the beads you have added.
    Thank you for sharing Sarah's tutorial. She has a lot of good stitches.

  2. Nice work Shami. I should also try this stitch.


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