Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quilled Photo Frame and my doodles

In one of my previous post I have showed some quilled shapes  and those shapes are arranged and has been made into a photo frame.  It is here for you to see now.  The photo I have displayed is a photo from a baby calender.  I find it difficult to take photos b'coz I have added a transparent cover.  Somehow managed to take some photos.  Now over to the frame.

An inspirational quote written in my sketch book.  I have included the tangle pattern "Awrop".

Also a verse from the bible.  It is the tamil translation of the verse from Psalms:34:10.

And a doodle page.

In my next post I will come up with the embroidery in saree.  Till then, Happy quilling and doodling.


  1. The frame looks beautiful. I like the doodling with colors a lot. I'm very keen on learn quilling and have all supplies. Would you be able to suggest a tutorial?

  2. Nice photo frame!! Lovely and colorful doodle page :)

  3. beautiful photoframe...and colourful doodle art....super..

  4. Beautiful quilled Graeme and lovely doodles :)

  5. the frame is simple and cute.... i loved your doodles with quotes specially the first one


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