Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bargello Needlepoint and some doodles

Apart from the surface embroidery, Kutch work, Kasuti, cross stitch etc I like to do bargello needlepoint embroidery.  There are so many patterns in this.  With simple long stitch or straight stitch we can create beautiful patterns depending on the color combo.  It is also known as florentine stitch or flame stitch embroidery.  It is worked in needlepoint canvas.  I didn't have the canvas and so I have tried this in aida cloth with all 6 strands of embroidery thread.  That's why gaps are seen in between the threads.  If it is done in needlepoint or tapestry canvas the embroidered area will be filled completely.  These patterns will work up quickly.  My next project on needlepoint will be on tapestry canvas

I have tried the simple pattern and turned that piece into a purse.  If you want to try your hands on it visit this page. Now over to the embroidered piece.  Click on the images to view better.

During the month of May I was not able to do more embroidery since kids were at home and I was mainly crocheting the sohpie's garden blanket.  It is in its finishing stage and in a day  or two it will be completed.  After that I will post the completed blanket.  In between I have crocheted some solid granny squares with 2 rounds.  In my next post I will show where I have used those squares. 

Also Look at what I have doodled in my free time.  A zentangle mandala and a colourful page with some patterns.  Followed the youtube videos for drawing these.  Want to draw one? click here and here for the video.

From Monday onwards kids will be back to school and I am ready for my next embroidery project.  Design, fabric and threads were also selected.  Waiting for monday.  Before that Sophie's garden should be completed.  Wish me good luck.  Bye.

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  1. wow... lot of trials.... happy to see you are engaged for full time.... and i like the embroidery... it looks lovely... i like the doodle too.... and waiting to see the finished blanket...

  2. what a beautiful little pouch! I've never tried bargello needlepoint, but I must at some point!

  3. Bargello is looking great!! You can get canvas from Pradhan stores.
    You have been very busy crafting !! Great going :)

  4. Your work is just beautiful! You have certainly been busy and it all looks lovely!

  5. wow...your zentangle looks inspiring

  6. What a pretty little purse. I love the colors you used to stitch it. Needlepoint is one form of embroidery that I haven't tried yet.

    Thanks for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and for linking back! Aloha hugs!

  7. Lovely little purse and you're really good at drawing mandalas.. And the colorful designed sketch looks wonderful..! Even I'm trying to sketch whenever I have free time. Great work :)

  8. Wow! Amazing work, what a talented lady you are!


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