Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Kasuti Embroidery - Fridge handle

I have started learning Kasuti embroidery thru Mridulas school of embroidery, Chennai.  They have provided clear cut learning materials.  With the help of that I have embroidered this kasuti border motif and I have turned that in to a handle for my fridge.  Have a look and give u'r comments.
Close up of the motif

Motif turned into the fridge handle.  Sorry The image is little blurred.
Happy embroidering,
Shami Immanuel.


  1. Hi Shami,

    You have done a real net work. :)
    I really liked the pattern you chose.
    Do share more kasuti works as you do.

  2. i have already learnt this when i was active in Indus ladies ..its very interesting but more confused one as well na?but nothing beats its beauty..your fridge handle is awesome..i also have done a crochet fridge handle.. will post someday..

  3. Another embroidery I need to learn about. That is a beautiful pattern and it appears to me you stitched it beautifully.

  4. Oh my God ....Lovely lovely...
    Ur work motivates me to learn kasuti embroidery
    try out more designs and do post okie...


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