Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Kutch Work Saree - Ta da

In the beginning of February this year, i have started to embroider a Kutch work saree and I have shown a small sample in a post here.  Embroidering a saree is not that much easy. I got the inspiration from Anchor Needlenthread magazine.  Started to embroider the pallu part. Slowly and steadily, inch by inch the embroidery begins to grow.  Then I didn't get the exact thread color which I am using and for a month it was kept idle. Then again in July started to do it.  So, i didn't take any new surface embroidery projects and when I got bored of doing the kutch work I used to crochet and completed some small projects in crocheting.

Now back to the kutch work saree.  I am not able to capture  the whole pallu.  Whole pallu has been embroidered. 3/4th of the body part has been filled with kutch work.  Other than kutch work I have used herringbone stitch and stem stitch. Have a look and pass on your comments.   Click on the image to get a better and clearer view.

Now comes the body part with the border.  The color of the saree was not captured properly here.  The color shown in the above pictures is the actual one.

Here comes the close ups.

You Can see the post regarding the embroidery in the blouse here.

Hope all of u like it.  will come up another Ta-da moment in cross stitch.  Till then, Have a happy time with your needle n thread.


  1. The saree looks absolutely gorgeous with your kutch work embroidery! have a great day!

  2. FANTASTIC! Oh, it is such a beautiful pattern, the contrast of the fabric and thread show off the neat stitching to its best. You have created a gem of an outfit! Although it must have taken time and a lot of planning to place the pattern evenly over the surface, it was well worth it.

  3. That's a lot of work!! Beautifully done :)

  4. The saree looks great! You have done a fantastic job! I can imagine the amount of work you put into that. Well worth it.

  5. congrats on your finish, it's just gorgeous!

  6. many times i tried simple kutuch work little difficult for me.. but u did a great work ..yes so neat stitches ...beautiful colour herringbone and stem stitch border also looks like kutuh work .... amazing..

  7. It looks beautiful, great work

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  9. The saree looks very pretty :)

  10. Awesome work, you have did a very fantastic job. Kindly let me know the thread you used. Is this anchor cotton thread.


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