Saturday, 20 September 2014

Reversible bag with embroidered flower

Sometime back I saw a video in youtube on making a reversible bag by debbie shore.  Thanks Debbie for the video tutorial.  From that time my hands were itching to make one.  Two weeks back the time came and today i am here to present my reversible bag. The printed fabric which I have used here is my old worn out kurti.

 Before that i have done a small piece of embroidery on a cotton cloth.  The embroidery design is taken from mahila art centre book on Kashmiri embroidery.  I have repeated the same design four times so that it takes the shape of the circle.  Coming to the embroidery part the flowers are done using long tailed lazy daisy stitch.  For the stems i have used back stitch and straight stitch. Satin stitch is used for the centre of the flower and for the buds.    Since the black fabric combines with the color of the red printed fabric I have used the embroidered piece for one part of the bag.

The bag can be used in two ways.  This is the first one.

The reverse side of the bag.

Since I followed the video in youtube initially I didn't think of having a interface.  only after completing it, i felt i should have given a interface.  So the bag was not stiff.  Anyway I was happy that i was able to sew a reversible bag.  Soon I will be sewing a bag with proper interfacing.  

I have completed some small crochet projects to show you in my coming post. So do watch my space.   Till then happy sewing.  


  1. thanks for the tutorial link and your bag is beautiful..

  2. Lovely bag and beautiful embroidery :) thanks for the link, will try that someday.

  3. this is beautiful! The bag is gorgeous and the embroidery is just beautiful

  4. It is very practical to have a reversible back, and this one is sure stylish. I love the embroidery design, it is striking stitched on the black fabric.

  5. Such a pretty bag, love the embrodiery pattern! Thanks for sharing the link.

  6. Wow!! your bag looks so beautiful Shami.. love the little embroidery you did on one side. it gives a nice touch..

  7. Wow!! This looks amazing. I have never had a reversible bag. You have done a great job!! Lovely embroidery too!


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