Friday, September 5, 2014

Purse - A sewing Project

I bought a sewing machine, so that I can do some simple embroidery using it.  But I didn't succeed in that. So I started sewing some simple projects.  And here I come to you with a purse.  This time I have attached the zip using the zipper foot and the purse was made in a professional way.  I have followed the tutorial from here.  It came out perfectly.  Thanks Cindy for your excellent tutorial.

I have some Ta..da moments to share with you.The photo session is going on.  Will be back with a Ta..da post. Till then, Happy sewing.


  1. Well done! It is so rewarding to master a skill and see the professional result.

  2. Nice purse!! I have never used zipper foot.

  3. Well done on using your new machine! I'm sure you will be hooked on sewing now! Why did the embroidery fail?

  4. Great to see you learned to use your sewing machine, it's a nice purse!

  5. Lovely purse! turned out great for your first attempt.. i need to learn sewing soon..


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