Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Monocolor cross stitch finish

Hello all,

Do you love to stitch in one color? Working with too many colors that too in cross stitch takes soo much time to finish one piece.  The samplers worked in a single (mostly red and blue) colors inspires me to take up a cross stitch project with one color.  And to my surprise I got to know about the blog gazette94.  It has got soooooooooo many patterns from small to big that works up quickly with single or few colors.  I have bookmarked some heart patterns and finally I have stitched one and made into a small wall piece.  

Then I have padded it with a cardstock and worked blanket stitch around it.  Then worked single crochet stitch around and then made a simple scalloped border around,  Then paste it in a corrugated handmade paper using a double sided tape and now the wall hanging is ready.  I didn't hung it Just I sticked it to the wall with double sided tape.  I like it very much.  Planning to make more pieces like this,

Also,  This is how my granny stitch blanket looks now.  Green shades, blue shades, purples and now pinks are in action.  I have 7 more colors to finish the first set and then again I will start with colors from the beginning without changing the order.  So no confusion in selecting and placement of colors.

That's all for now.  Will come up another embroidery finish soon. So keep watching this space.   Bye.



  1. Lovely finish and your blanket looks great!

  2. I'm always attracted to single color designs,many are on my wishlist. Gazzette94 is a treasure of freebies. Lovely finish. I'm a bit confused abt how to use the double sided tape for sticking fabric to card. The tape I have is thick ,so if I use it,the piece will look risen ..if you understand what I mean.
    Lovely blanket.

  3. The monochrome cross stitch work is beautiful! I have collected lots of cross stitch patters over the years and I'm still waiting to make use of those. Your crochet blanket is also lovely.

  4. very beautifully worked cross stitch heart. the finishing is neat and lovely.

  5. The cross stitch design is charming and you have finished off the piece very nicely with the scalloped border. Your wall must be so beautiful!
    Yes, working cross stitch in only one colour must make the work much easierl
    The granny blanket, is by contrast, VERY colourful!

  6. it's very pretty and effective with the crochet border.

  7. lovely cross stitch and blanket is coming out very pretty

  8. Your cross stitch finish is beautiful, even blackwork is done with single color but the stitch and the design pattern takes time. Love the blanket colors!

  9. Your stitched piece turned out beautifully!


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