Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wollen Mat - Tutorial

You need a  wooden frame like the one in the picture to do the wollen mat.

 In the wooden frame fix nails around with 1 cm distance between each one as shown in the picture.

Now start winding the wollen yarn . For that tie a knot with the yarn in the nail marked as 1. Starting from 1 wind the thread around i.e) from 1 come to nail ' a ' in the opposite side and then to nail '1'. This is 1 round of winding. Like this do 5 times or 8 times . The more u wind u will get a puffy mat. Zoom the picture to get a clearer image with markings.
Now leave the next nail and start winding the nails '3' and 'c'. Don't cut the thread in between.
After winding one side continue with the other side.
After winding with one color the frame will look like the one in the picture below.

Now start with the second color.
Start winding between nail '2' and 'b'. Then between '4' and 'd'. Continue like on both the sides.
Now the frame will be like the one below.

After winding on both sides u will get intersection points where the threads crosses each other.  Now comes the time consuming part.  I will show u how to tie the crosses.
Take a thread with 5 cms long.Now bring the thread from the lower part of the frame to the upper part as shown in the picture below. 

Now tie a knot tightly.

After tieing the first knot the next side will look like this.

Then bring one end of the thread down and the frame and then bring it up on the other side and tie a knot. Tie one more knot above the second one so that the thread doesn't loosen.

After tieing both the knots the opposite side will look like this.
Turn the wooden frame.  U will see a 'x' mark.
Like this u have to tie all the intersections so that a 'x' is seen in the opposite side.
Now cut the edges near the nails for all the four side and trim it.  U will get a puffy woollen mat.
 Hope u understand the procedure. 

Another mat with single color is  here.

 If any of u make use of this tutorial any where please link back to this page.  Eager to see your wollen mats.
The bigger the frame you will get big mats.
Any doubts feel free to ask thru comments.

Happy crafting.
Shami Immanuel


  1. Nice tutorial...your SBS photos are very clear...
    where is the finished mat photo dear...

  2. excellent tutorial.... also beautiful craft...
    i liked it very much

  3. WOW super work....very interesting blog you have... iam happy to follow you


  4. Mam can u please guide me as to what size the frame should be and what is the distance between the nails to get the frame done by a carpenter
    and also please tell me how to use a narrow frame with nails like this in which people make mufflers i have one but i dont know how to use it

  5. I didn't see a way to sign up for updates...or you send out email updates or something? I looked and didn't see a way to do so...

    I'm doing the Sophie's Universe also...think I saw link to your blog in the comments there...

  6. Excellent tutorial. Mam i dont know to crochet can u plsss show different ways to do craft with woollen thread without crocheting.


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