Friday, July 13, 2012

Pistil stitch

This is a sampler which I have tried for practicing pistil stitch.  The leaves in the middle stem is stitched using pistil stitch. 

Regarding the flower I have seen the same in Indus ladies.  And I tried that.  It has been done using alternate fly stitch and straight stitch.  But today I  came to know that this flower technique has been done by Leela of  Thanks to her.

Happy embroidering.

Shami Immanuel.


  1. OMG i just became your follower and so seen your post in so excited to know that my chamanthi variation from Indusladies(my own invention:) was tried by you sweet of you was very interesting then when we were doing discussions on embr in i hardly visit IL bcoz of blogging..your stitch came out neat and perfect.. happy stitching!

  2. Neatly done.....and look beautiful.

  3. Beautiful work shami... i also liked the embroidery design in header of your blog... very nice...i will try to do that design....thanks for your comments in my blog...continue your visit and join in my space in your free time...

  4. hi shami
    plz click this link..a surprise for you..:)


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