Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pattern darning pillow cover

This is a pillow cover made using matty cloth.  Simple pattern darning i.e) pattern using running stitch is used.  Inside I have cross stitched the name of my son.  I have crocheted the edge for the pillow cover. 

Close up of the pillow cover is here:

Happy Embroidering.
Shami Immanuel.


  1. Shami you have made wonders..simple yet beautiful..i know pattern darning is easy but one should have to be very careful in counting and stitching rt!!??
    crochet edging is it shell stitch?
    u know what, when I went shopping last week I find most of the dresses are having lace works..shopwala told it is in vogue now!!!..:)

  2. love your pillow cover so much..simple but superb!well done crochet edging!pattern darning makes the piece more beautiful!you are really a good designer shami!WAY TO GO!

  3. Thanks Lakshmi, Leela.

    @Lakshmi - yes, we have to be very careful in counting. For edging after making blanket stitch I made a single crochet in alternate blanket stitches around. Then I made 4 double crochet in 1st sc, (skip next sc, 1 sc in next stitch, skip next sc, 4 dc in next sc)repeat and continued in this manner around to get a scallop type edging.

  4. lovely shami....simple yet elegant....

  5. Nice work Shammi ! Using one colour, it looks very elegant and soothing.

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