Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TAST 2012, Week 45 - Needle woven picots open base

This is my sample for this weeks challenge.  I have tried open base needle woven picots for the flower.  The center part of the flower is buttonhole wheel cup.  And for the leaves I have tried herringbone stitch, cretan stitch, Encroching satin stitch(lower left part) and raised fish bone stitch(lower right part).  Do have a look and give me your comments.


  1. Very nice!! I like the leaves ...neat and perfect.

  2. You have a good collection of stitches for the leaves. The petals are lovely, the way they lift off the background.

  3. Your cup and woven picot flower is lovely. I particularly like your Encroaching Satin stitched leaves.


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