Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tast 2012 - Week 46, Magic Chain Stitch

This is my small sample for this week's challenge - Magic chain stitch.  I have embroidered this design on my hand kerchief.  Though it is the same like chain stitch, Magic chain stitch looks better than the chain stitch. You can see the tutorial here.
Feel free to drop in your comments.


  1. Hi,
    its nice...pls do visit my blog when u have time...i had done the same chikankari design...and i linked u also...

  2. Nice! Yes, magic chain stitch in 2 colors look better than using multicolour thread for simple chain stitch :)

  3. Magic chain is a fun and useful stitch. You have choosen a pretty combination of colours.

    Work it in black and white and your get a very stripy look, on the other hand if it is worked in two shades of green you get a gentle and 'natural' feel.

  4. You have choosen fentastic colour combination. Looks nice.

  5. Thanks to all.

    @Queenie - next time when I do magic chain I will consider the color shades u have suggested.


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