Thursday, November 29, 2012

chikankari design

Again I have come up with my chikan design which I am embroidering all over the front part of my kurti.  Border portion is also completed.  Do have a look.  Give your comments as they boost me up a lot.
This is the completed border.
The neck part of the kurti is here.


  1. This is such a beautiful border. I like your design. You will be able to wear it proudly.

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  3. hi, your work is really impressive. i have a question what material do you do this work?

  4. Hi Shami, your Chicken and Kutch works are really good. Definitely going to try them on some dresses.

  5. Beautiful -- Amazing...I am planning on trying this design.

  6. Hi
    Love your chikankari.
    Could you pl tell me what kind of thread is used?

  7. ur every embroidry design collections stiches very nice like this site very much


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