Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Smalls SAL - July Fairy, MCP update

Hi friends,

Although I complete the fairy on time I was late in posting.  I took only one day to complete it nearly 3 hours.I am happy with the finish.  For this month I am aiming to finish two fairies because I haven't stitched 2 fairies out of 7(jan- july).  So here is my fairy

Also I have completed one more page in mega cross stitch project.  I have moved to second section. Doing 100 stitches a day makes a good progress in a large project like this.  But this month I am not able to do 100 stitches a day since I have a deadline to finish two kurtis.  So after finishing that I will be concentrating on this large project.

After.  Sorry for the wrinkles and creases in the cloth.


In my next post I will come up with an embroidery and its design.  Till then watch this space.  


  1. It is a good target to have 100 stitches a day. If only one could stick to plan and reach the target! You have made good progress; I find it too hot to work at a set goal at the moment.

  2. Cute! You are making good progress.

  3. Lovely stitching! And great progress on your mega project.


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