Saturday, July 14, 2018

Embroidery design 6 - Kutch work Yoke

Hello all

Posting here after a month.  It's a long break for me.  I have failed to post the free design for the month of June.  So I will be posting two designs this month.  

This month it's a kutch work yoke design.  On to the worked piece.

Close up

The pattern is below

I have drawn this pattern on a 8 lines per inch graph paper which is downloaded from the net.  I used to download the paper from here

The fabric I have used to stitch is ordinary poplin cotton. 
 Thread used is No.257 Anchor embroidery thread.  
For the straight lines I have used Running stitch.
No of strands used : 2

Hope all of u like this design.  Will come up with the sleeve border and the front border for this yoke design in my next free design post.  Till then, Have a happy time with needle n thread.


  1. It is a beautiful design. Thank you for offering this for free.

  2. WOW.. a lot lovely kutchwork shami.. sorry for not visiting you often..

  3. Hi Shami.Design is very pretty and your stitching is neat.Are you from Chennai?

  4. A beautiful design and very neat stitching as always Shami


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