Saturday, September 12, 2020

Embroidery design - Double daisy & Rosette Stitch

 Hi all

I am happy to share a new embroidery design using double daisy and rosette stitch.  In this design I have used more than one stitch.  For the big flower I have used lazy daisy stitch one over the other.  In the in between gap of the flower petals, pistil stitch has been done to cover the surface of the design.  In the center, I have added french knots of two colors.  

All the three small flowers are worked in rosette stitch.  The stitch itself forms a beautiful petal.  It is apt for leaves also.  Then added some french knots over the stem and the stem is stitched using stem stitch, my most favorite one for the stems.  Now over to the stitched sample.


Stitches used:
Big flower         - Lazy daisy stitch (two layers)
Small flowers     - Rosette stitch
Centre of flower - French Knots
Stem                - Stem stitch
Leaves              - Rosette stitch

 Threads used(Anchor Embroidery threads)
Big flower - 1203 (6 strands)
Small flower -330 (4 strands)
French knots - 298, 330(4 strands)
Stem - 239 (4 strands)
Leaves - 256(4 strands).

Hope all of you like this design.  Do give a try and let me know.                       

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  1. Such a nice floral design. The Pistil stitches add a special richness.
    This flower arrangement reminds me of the picture in your Blog Title.


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