Thursday, 30 June 2016

In between big projects

Hello all,

I am here to show u some thing which I have done between my big projects.    Currently I am doing some kutch and kasuti projects on kurtis.  So when I get bored on doing that I use to crochet small squares.  one such square is more v-s.  You can get so many square patterns in that blog.  I have done this square using 4ply acrylic yarn and 3mm hook.

One more kasuti motif I have practiced to do on my cotton kurti.

I have started a sampler for embroidery stitches.  So far I have completed two stitches. And worked a sample design for straight stitch.

The flowers are done using straight stitch.  Inside are french knots.  Used variegated threads for flowers.  Sample for fern stitch is going on.
One last picture of the kutch work kurti which I am doing on a custom order.  Already I have done The same design with the same color combo and another one with different colors.  This one is the third piece of third design.

One of the kasuti project is nearing it's completion.  Hopefully that will be my next post.  Because of these custom order I am not able to make any progress in my mega cross stitch project.  Next month I am planning to spend atleast 15 mins each day for that.  So, see u in m next post.  Till then have a happy time with needle and thread.


  1. You have indeed been busy, and with so many different projects. The kutch work kurti in the last picture is so precise and even. Just beautiful!

  2. i love your kutuch i am started to practice kutuch work for my kurthi..soon to finish and share in my blog.....

    as usual all your works are very neat and elegant...

  3. Lovely work Shammi. The straight stitch flowers are pretty . Lovely colors for Kurti too.
    Weren't you working on a sampler of stitches before too?

    1. That is needlepoint stitches. Now its surface embroidery stitches.

  4. You did a lot many things from last time i came here. The embroidery is really nice. I liked the Jesus cross stitch piece too

  5. Such beautiful things you have are so creative!

  6. Such beautiful things you have are so creative!

  7. Lovely embroidery, Shami!! The kutch work is looking beautiful.
    I had started a stitch sampler few years back and I was trying to write the name of the stitch using that stitch itself. I gave up after a while. But since you are into embroidery so definitely yours will be done.
    Hope your mother is recovering now.


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