Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Granitos Stitch, Blanket stitch, Satin stitch, Stem stitch

This design has been taken from www.coatsandclark.com.  flower is done using blanket stitch.   Buds inside the flower is done using satin stitch.  Buds outside the flower is done using  granitos stitch.  I have learned this stitch from stitchschool.com.  The tutorial for this stitch is given below:

I am making a table cloth using this design as corner for all the sides.  The work is in progress.


  1. Hi Shami,
    Your blog is wonderful. I love it. keep posting more things. And please can you post the tutorial of making the woolen mat light green one. I want to learn it please.
    Thank you for visiting my blog

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words. Try to post the tutorial as soon as possible.


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