Monday, June 3, 2013

Kasuti Embroidery Tops

Internet has made everything possible at the click of a button.  Before I started using internet I was aware of only a few stitches in both embroidery and crochet.  After marriage during my free I just googled  and was surprised to see the different embroidery techniques and thousands of patterns available here.  I came to know about Mridulas School of embroidery and learned Kasuti embroidery through their course materials and now I have come up with the tops using Kasuti.  This is a neck design. I have worked it with the help of kasuti net and used two strands of anchor cotton embroidery thread.  You can click on the image to enlarge the photo.

This is the border I have made for the sleeves.

This is the border for the front of the tops.

Now here is the finished piece:
I am so happy that I have completed embroidering a wearable in this vacation.  I have taken 10 days 1 to 2 hours each day to embroidery this.  Hope all of you like it.  Now I am working on a kutch work blouse and will show u once completed.  In my next post I will come up with a crocheted purse.  So don't forget to visit my space.  I would like to hear from you. 
Happy Embroidering.


  1. such immaculate stitching, beautifully done

  2. That's a neat and beautiful work!!well done!!
    Did you embroider on a precut fabric or on a stitched top?

  3. It's a lovely pattern, well done!

  4. You made this wonderful embroidery in such a short time! I am sure you will love wearing it and feel proud of your work every day. I am full of admiration.

  5. It is really so nice.
    The colour combination is best.
    The work done by you is very neat and perfect.
    Go on doing like this dear.

  6. wow!!! that looks so professional. I think you should soon start a boutique :-) I'm hoping to someday do some crochet lacing on one of my tops :P
    Great job!!!


  7. Everything about your blouse is beautiful! I really love that form of embroidery. I never heard of it before! Yay for the Internet!

  8. Hello Shami
    Many thanks for visiting my blog. I have replied to your email.

    What impressive embroidery!!! It looks very delicate but so very neat. I must say it does enhance the whole garment.

    I am now your newest follower.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  9. Shami , u r a master, amazing amazing work.....
    very neat and perfect......happy to see this brilliant work...

  10. Wowwww..Thats really pretty.
    Here onwards I'm following you .

  11. Thank you Shami, for your lovely comment on my bikes designer dress, haha.

  12. Yes, the world of the internet brings so much wonderful information! Beautiful stitching!

  13. it is wonderful can please send the tracing of this design

  14. it is wonderful can please send the tracing of this design

  15. Beautiful work - can't believe that you did it in 10 days.

  16. This is very neat. Great Job by making a wearable for yourself.

  17. This is beautiful - a real work of art!!

  18. What fabulous stitching! Love what you have made! :) x

  19. Your stitching is so beautiful!

    Thanks so much for linking up to last Monday's Stitchery Link Party and sharing this stunning top.

  20. Wow, that is some very pretty intricate embroidery....very nice work..


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