Monday, 7 January 2013

Hardanger embroidery - A beginning

When I came across some hardanger embroidery pieces in some blogs I was tempted to do  learn it.  It was a simple counted thread embroidery.  while googling I got a simple pattern here.  I didn't have the hardanger cloth.  So I have given a try in plastic canvas.  It came out well and I am satisfied with the outcome.  Trying to learn more on hardanger embroidery.  Have a look and tell me how is it.

Words to Think: 

    Learn from your mistakes.  They are God's way of teaching you through your own follies.

Happy Embroidering.


  1. it's lovely, well done! I love Hardanger. I bought some cloth, it was quite expensive, but well worth it as you don't need to use much. I look forward to seeing more Hardanger from you!

  2. beautiful and perfect work...keep going..


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