Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kutch work mango design

After learning kutch work I like to play with the concept of over and under with threads.  Weaving part is really an enjoyable one.  I have started a project for kurti and completed one design.  The fabric is cotton silk.  I have used anchor cotton embroidery threads(3 strands for the kutch work and 2 strands for chain stitch) .  I thought of using mirror in the middle.  But to make my work easier I have switch over to chemanthi stitch.  Hope all of u like this.  waiting for your feedbacks.

You can see my earlier kutch works here.


  1. hi... this is so nice.... you learned chemmanthi stitch from sadala right.... can you see her blog... i can't.... its a great loss for me coz i love to learn many stitches from her blog... if you can see her blog do write to her about this

  2. You are quite the expert! This is so lovely!

  3. Very pretty, neat and elegant work dear.

  4. This is very beautiful. I too will try it soon.


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