Monday, November 18, 2013

Lunch towels

After learning to do embroidery I wanted to do something for my kids.  But for boys what can I do.  I made two pillow covers with their names in it.  Some time back I have got blue coloured aida fabric and from that time onwards I was urging to do a lunch towel for my boys.  So decided to go for a simple embroidery on both the sides.  The first one I have come up with the Holbein stitch and got the idea from Anchor needle and thread magazine.  Here it comes:

Here is the close up.

The two lines are double running stitch forward in blue and reverse in red.  It is a 10 count aida fabric.  So, Four strands of anchor cotton embroidery thread have been used. 
In my next post I will be showing one more lunch towel with kasuti borders on both the sides.  So do watch my space. 


  1. Lovely!! I can understand, I'm in a fix too when I have to make something for my dad or husband. ;-) But you've found a great solution and its beautiful! :-)

  2. That's a pretty towel!! Is it 15 count ? I use two strands for 15 count and 3or4 strands on 11 count. I don't see 15 count Colored fabric in India.

  3. That is an excellent way of showing Mother's Love without making the boys feel 'embarrassed'. I once had some small students (boys) and they very proudly showed the toys their mother had made them. A few years later they would have nothing to do with 'Mother's Love' and even spoke ill of the lunch box she made them every day, but I knew that deep down in their hearts they loved all she did for them.

  4. Its very nice. Where did you get the 15ct blue colored aida cloth from India?

  5. A very nice design and very nicely stitched.

  6. Wonderful Shami. This is the excellent solution to make boys happy, and showing your affection and love.


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