Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Little one's dress with the touch of my embroidery

I have purchased a dress for my niece who is going to be 1 tomorrow.  First up all I thought I will crochet  a skirt for her.,  But because of lack of time I was not able to do so and bought a dress.  In the bottom part of that dress It was plain on the right side.  So thought to do some simple embroidery and come up with this.  Just added the word "Happy Birthday Candy" and back stitched it.  Then added some daisy flowers.  I am happy with the outcome and how about you?.


Waiting for your comments and suggestions.

Happy embroidering,
Shami Immanuel.


  1. It's nice! I liked the tiny flowers more:)

  2. Ofcourse it is beautiful !!!!extra touch with lots of love !!!!!

  3. love your stitching..your niece will surely be happy seeing the letters and lil flowers by now..


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