Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Embroidered verse - 2

I love to embroider verse.  I found a free verse pattern here.  You can find so many cute patterns there.  Used simple stitches to embroider this.  Planning to complete this as a hoop frame to hang it on the wall. I should purchase a plastic embroidery hoop from pony craft stores.  Have a look at it.

Some close ups

The stitches used are back stitch and straight stitch.  My first embroidered verse is here.


  1. Lovely embroidery!! Looks very pretty.

  2. Very pretty!! The words are uniform and look so neat. (y)

  3. That's a great verse. Backstitch comes in handy for lettering and simple, elegant needlepoint borders. Your stitches are so even too. Very nice work.

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  4. This is so lovely! makes me wanna take my needle and threads and start embroidering.. It's great idea to embroider verses..


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