Saturday, 8 March 2014

crochet purse - Arcade stitch

While browsing thru the net we come across lots of stitches in crochet, embroidery, needlepoint emboirdery etc.  I went crazy once and saved the links for lots of crochet stitches.  I wanted to do a sampler with those stitches.  Atleast i want to crochet a small block with those stitches and then join them.  I hope one day this wish will come true.  In that to do list of stitches I like the Arcade crochet stitch. It works up quickly and i have made that piece of sample into a purse. Look at it.I have done it last year but only today i am showcasing it.  

I have learned the this stitch from here.  You can find so many crochet stitches and patterns in that blog.  Thank you Joachim for the tutorial.

Look what I have kept inside during one of our trips.

I didn't attach a zipper.  Instead I have attached a velcro. The inside look......

Want to see other pouches i have made.  Do have a look at my Yellow pouch here.

In my next post i will come with a small embroidery piece.  Till then,  Happy crocheting.


  1. NICE work...and thanks for the link...

  2. Your purse is wonderful. I'm so glad you like the arcade stitch and made such a neat project from it. Your work here is lovely!

  3. Lovely purse!! I am also making one for my mother with interlocking crochet stitch.

  4. That's a very attractive stitch, any you turned the sampler into a useful and neat item!

  5. Lovely purse! The stitch is beautiful.

  6. A lovely crocheted pouch! I really enjoy crocheting and am slowly working on an afghan.


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