Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kasuti border for sleeves

Today this post is to show you the sleeves which I have embroidered using kasuti embroidery.  This is a matching sleeve for the yoke and border which I have blogged about it here and here.  It is very simple with a single motif.  Have a look.

This is the closeup of the sleeves.

Hope all of you like.  I have completed the embroidery for this kurti and it has to go for stitching.  I will show the stitched kurti once it is done.  

In my coming posts I am ready to show u some of my crocheted items.  So do watch my space.


  1. I think this is an elegant motif, and perfect on the dark fabric.

  2. I agree with Queenie, very elegant.

  3. Very nice work shami :) stopping by to letting you know that i have an award for you. Do check out my blog for more details.. have a great week!


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