Sunday, April 13, 2014

kasuti motif for border

This is the motif which I have embroidered for the border for a kurti.  I have used three strands of anchor embroidery cotton thread.  

It took 20 mins to embroider the inner yellow motif, 40 mins for the red segment, nearly 1 hr for the green segment and 1 hr and 30 mins for the outer yellow segment. Totally 3 1/2 hrs is needed to embroider this single motif.

I have done three such motif and they are here.  I have to separate each motif and then attach to a red color silk cotton fabric.  My tailor should do it properly.

Now the closeup

The matching yoke for this kurti is here.

Now I am embroidering the sleeves for this kurti.  I will come up with the sleeves after completing it. So watch my space.  Waiting for your feedbacks.


  1. Lovely motif. Reminds me of the black saree I wanted to "cover" with kasuti motifs which I abandoned after just making a few!! Maybe I should hunt for it now. Do you have the diagrams for these or do you make them free hand?
    Have a great week. :)

  2. Fantastic design and by using three threads you get a very bold and strong outline. I think you are working very quickly!

  3. Exquisite !!! Truly!! :-)

  4. Wonderful work shami.. looks like it's made by an expert designer. can't wait to see your stitched kurti :)

  5. this is a lovely piece of work. very pretty


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