Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Kasuti Table cloth - completed

Two weeks before I have written a post about my kasuti embroidery table cloth which I have started this year.  You can read about it here.  There u can see some of the motifs which I have completed that time.  And today that project has come to an end.  Yes embroidery in the table cloth is over and it  is here for you to see.  Click on the images to get more clear view..

After starching it looks even more neat.  Isn't?

I have sewed the edges and then crocheted a simple edging with two rounds using pearl cotton no.8 thread.  Luckily I had that blue pearl cotton thread in my stash somewhat matching with the embroidery thread I have used.  

This is a close up of another motif which I have used.

Hope all of u like it.  Waiting for your comments and suggestions.

ஷமி  இம்மானுவேல் . 


  1. very beautiful table cloth in kasuti. well done. nice to know you.

  2. Wow ! This is so beautiful, Shami!!:) The edging is wonderful and elegant! Great job!!

  3. Such beautiful and neat work. Yes, starching is a good thing. Didn't it feel good to use thread for the crochet from your stash in the right colour?

  4. amazing !! very intricate and beautiful. Good job!


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