Friday, February 20, 2015

Zentngle - pattern 4 & CAL Progress

Today I am here to show the fourth pattern of the zentangle which I have learned.  Also the CAL blanket progress can be seen.
Over to zentangle pattern no. 4.

Pattern drawn for tracing.

Pattern embroidered onto the fabric.  The lines are stitched with back stitch and filling stitch using chain stitch.

CAL Progress
Coming to the CAL blanket progress.  Completed all the rounds that has been revealed till now of Sophie's Universe CAL 2015.  Each and every round is challenging and interesting.  I like all the finest details in each round.  
After completing Part 5, sophie's universe is looking like this.

Want to see a closeup.
Can u see the tulips.  I love it.

At the end of part 6 it is looking like this.(53 rounds completed).
want to participate in Sophie's universe CAL click here.  You can get all the information and the pattern till date.

I am also participating in one more CAL 2015 Mystery Afghan Crochet along of crochet crowd along with  The first two weeks are over.  I have completed the first weeks homework i.e) crocheting 20 granny squares.  It is here for you to see .  Learned some tricks in crocheting a granny squares.

Since these two CAL's take more of my time, I was not able to concentrate on embroidery.  So next week I should take hold of my saree embroidery.  C u all with another finish.  Till then happy crocheting.  Have a happy weekend.


  1. Your CAL blanket is looking gorgeous and so wonderfully colourful and beautifully crocheted too.

  2. The CAL blanket is growing beautifully. For each new row it must take more time to go once round the block, but it's surely worth it - so colourful.

  3. Sophie's CAL piece is looking pretty and colorful:) you have done so much of crocheting.

  4. Pretty and colourful. Beautiful work.


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