Thursday, 12 March 2015

CAL Progress

Today I am here to show you my progress in both the CALs.  

Sophie's Garden
I have completed sophie's garden till part8(rounds 62 - 68).In this part I like making of ruffle flowers. Haven't blocked it but somehow managed to take a snap by pinning it.  The long sides are becoming shorter and the short sides are becoming longer taking the shape of a square.

My attempt for growing a flower pot at home always fail.  But now I am able to grow  different flowers in my blanket. Lol.

Mystery CAL -( Week 3- week 5)
After week 3(rounds 3 and 4 has been done with pink and blue colors)
After Week 4 (round 5 - a square has been formed)

After week 5( a small 3d flower like thing has been added in the centre)

I am happy that I've been able to crochet along with these groups.  I have made some progress in the embroidery of my saree too.  Will try to give an update about in my next post.  Till then, Happy crocheting.


  1. The flowers in your croqeted flower bed are being well tended - you have 'green fingers'! I do like the cheerful flowers.

  2. Your Sophie's garden is looking beautiful!!

  3. both the pieces look lovely


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