Friday, July 17, 2015

Scotch Stitch, some bits of crochet and paper craft

Today I have completed the fourth block in my needlepoint sampler.  This week I was busy with my kurti project and to my bad luck when I had few stitches remaining I ran out of thread.  I don't know why I have choosen a color which I have shortage of thread.  But that design requires more thread than I expected. So, today I took my needlepoint sampler and finished the fourth block.  

The name of this stitch is Scotch stitch. Each square is stitched over 3 x 3 threads.  I used four colors for this block.   Learned the stitch from here.  Variations can be done with this stitch which I will explore later.  

All the four blocks together and I have completed 1 row.

I have crocheted a small table mat with African flower square some time back and it is here for you to see today.

And a kusudama flower boquet made with the help of youtube tutorial.  

That's all for today.   Will come up with another completed project .  Till then watch my space.  Have a happy weekend.

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  1. Your needlepoint sampler looks gorgeous. Looking fwd to which type of stitches you add next. Flower bouquet is also nice.
    You asked me about pattern for the heart ornament I made, its a freebie from Gazette94. All the details are on my cross stitch finishes page.

  2. Your sampler is looking colorful and pretty!! The crocheted mat is also nice. Is it pending for blocking or have you done it?
    Paper flowers are lovely!! My daughter also makes, she likes origami.

  3. The needle point sampler looks lovely. I remember my mom once made a needlepoint purse using a stitch that looks similar to this. The crochet table mat looks so pretty and so does the origami flower.. you are multi talented :) Have a lovely week ahead!

  4. Your needlepoint is lovely and I really like your paper flowers! :) x


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