Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A kutch work finish

Happy to show you a kutch work finish.  Yoke and sleeves for a kurti.  Done using three strands of anchor embroidery thread of shade no. 881.  I ran out of thread in the middle and that's why it took so many days to finish it.  Embroidery is done on silk cotton fabric.  

Closeup of the yoke.


Now two mandalas from my sketch book.
I have learnt to draw this mandala from here.

Want to know how to draw this click here.

I am ready with some crochet finishes too.  They are waiting for their turn to get photographed.  Will be back with another finish in crochet and some WIP's.  Till then, Happy embroidering and doodling.

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  1. Beautiful! Your stitching is so neat and regular.

  2. Lovely embroidery!! I liked your mandala sketch very much.

  3. Lovely work. Do you intend to get the kurti stitched for yourself? Do share the picture of finished product :)


  4. Beautiful kutch work! Love your drawings too.

  5. Gorgeous stitching! I love your mandala sketches.

  6. I've never done kutch embroidery, it looks very intricate.

  7. The kutch work embroidery looks so well done. Love your mandalas!


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