Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rhodes Stitch and WIP's

My next block in my needlepoint sampler is Rhodes Heart.  It's an easy one.  Learned the stitch from here.  I worked the background in tent stitch and scotch stitch.  Tent stitch filling make the piece more stiff.  I think I should use 4 strands of thread instead of 6.  Lesson learned.

I have completed the second page of my mega cross stitch project.  The parrots are taking shape.  Thanks Preeti for pointing out my mistake of not making the stitches in the same direction.  I can see the beauty of making the stitches in the same direction.  It took 26 hrs to finish the second page.

 Have a happy weekend.


  1. Wow you are fast..second page. Great progress.
    Its amazing how much difference can a small thing make..all the stitches in same direction.

  2. Nice embroidery, love the needlepoint hearts!

  3. You are working on three very different projects, good to have various things, and they are all beautiful.

  4. All of your projects are looking wonderful! Have a good week!

  5. You are doing great with your mega stitching project and the needlepoint sampler!! Nice to know that you took my feedback positively. I just couldn't stop myself because you were doing a big project. It's looking great!!


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