Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Quilled cards, Needlepoint blocks

For this teachers day I have made two quilled cards for my kids teachers.  I have made it simple and managed to do an envelope for it with the help of the youtube tutorials.  I used a paper thicker than A4 paper.  I am not sure whether it is cardstock.  They are here:

Also, I have completed two more blocks in the needlepoint sampler.

Mosaic Stitch
Learned the stitch from here.  Worked the stitch along with some variations like diagonal mosaic st, framed mosaic st, Reverse mosaic and mosaic st along with tent st.

Smyrna Cross stitch
Learned the stitch from here.

The sampler till now.  After completing three more rows I will be making this piece into a small mat.  What color should I use for framing all the blocks?  I thought of doing it in black.  Suggestions are welcome.

In this post I thought of showing u my stash but not able to photograph it.  So I will be back with a post about my stash soon.  Till then, Happy quilling and happy embroidering.


  1. The needlepoint sampler is coming along great! I think you should frame it in white, I think black will make the colours look dull.

    A4 refers to the size of the paper, not the thickness. Paper thickness is measured in gpi - grams per inch. It was possibly just a thick paper but could have been card.

  2. Beautiful quilled cards! Very well made. The needle point samplers are looking good :)


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