Saturday, March 12, 2016

Crochet solid granny bag

First of all thanks for all your valuable comments for my cross stitch Jesus on cross. 

Last year I have purchased some variegated yarn in an idea of crocheting a blanket.  But I am not pleased with the colors after crocheting the solid granny square and then I decided to change those squares into a bag.  I am happy with the finish.  Made lining with hand. Attached velcro inside and a button outside as an embellishment.

For the handle I crocheted few rows of sc's and then folded vertically and joined with slip stitch.  It gives a nice firm handle. Hope all of you like it.

I am done with my kasuti embroidered neck and border.  And also i am in the finishing stage of a crochet doily.  Will be back with my kasuti work soon.  Till then, do watch my space.  Happy crocheting.


  1. The granny square bag looks super good. Love your idea for making handles :)


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