Monday, March 28, 2016

Kasuti Yoke and Border - Finished

Hi friends,

As I have promised in my last post I am here to show the kasuti embroidery yoke and border.  This time I have embroider this in small pieces of fabric so that it can be attached to the main piece.  I have got the kasuti embroidery net from Raja thread stores in chennai but the no of holes per inch is larger than the one which I had earlier.  That's why stitches are somewhat longer.  But it gives perfect look like before.  

Fabric used : Black color silk cotton
Thread used: Anchor embroidery thread
No. of strands: 3
Design taken from: Mridulas school of embroidery - kasuti applications book



I have just placed the embroidered pieces on top of the fabric just for an idea how it can be attached to the fabric.

Two years back I have embroidered the same design but with different border.  You can view that piece here.

If any of you is interested in buying this piece do mail me at


  1. Lovely work Shami. I love kasuti and I had traced a lot of designs on a black saree but then I gave it up halfway as it was very tiresome to work on a black background. Wonderful precision in your work.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. This Kasuti work is so beautiful! You have made it with perfect colors. I'm planning to work using Kasuti stitch, I don't know when can I start that :(

  3. wow...that is looking gorgeous on black


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