Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Aari embroidery blouse and tatting

For 2015 christmas dress I have made simple embroidery in my blouse using Aari technique.  I have made it very simple with only aari chain stitch and then sticked some stones. Used gold color and red color silk embroidery thread.

In February I got tatting needles from Raja thread stores, Chennai and then I tried needle tatting.  This is what I come up with after some trials. A tatted bookmark. 

Also, I have completed another page in my "Harmony"  Mega cross stitch project.  The photos before and after.

After.  Ears of the puppy is seen now.  Happy to see the project growing inch by inch.

Now I am doing a kasuti embroidery project.  Some crochet projects are finished and waiting for blocking and  taking snaps.  Will be back with another finish.  In our place temperature is shooting up. Not able to bear the hot climate in this month itself.  Next month phew can't imagine.  Anyway do watch my space for my next post.



  1. Nice embroidery and good for you for trying Tatting. My mother wanted me to learn tatting but i never liked it
    Wow the cross stitch is looking wonderful.
    I have been hearing about shooting temperatures in India. Take care and stay safe.
    Thanx for your encouraging comment on my last post.

  2. Lovely embroidery and great progress on the cross stitch project !! I have never managed beyond a circle in tatting so I gave up few years back. You did very well!!

  3. You have so many skills, and now added tatting to them. Is this really your first time? Great bookmark!
    The Aari embroidery is so elegant and there is no need for any jewelery when one wears a garment like that.
    Heat is hard, so do keep out of it as much as you can, drink plenty of water and work slowly. Stay safe!

  4. The embroidered flowers are very pretty! I have never considered trying tatting. I don't think I'll enjoy it. Anyway your bookmark looks lovely. Can't believe it's your first time.

  5. Simple ari work made the blouse look very elegant, loved the tatting. My so many projects are waiting for final touch. You have done a good job

  6. Ari work on blouse looks lovely Shami

  7. Beautiful embroidered blouse Shami. The tatting looks lovely!


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