Friday, September 16, 2016

Kutch work kurti finish, WIP update

Hello my dear readers

Thanks for your comments for my previous post.  I have finished a kurti done using kutch work.  It took more time than I expected but I like the final outcome.  I have seen a similar design in one of the online kurti shop.  Then drew the picture in a graph paper, traced on the fabric and then embroidered it.  simple design but forms beautiful diamond pattern upon working repetitively.  

Thread used: Anchor 255 & 167
No of strands : 2

I am trying to put this design in pdf format so that viewers who need it can download it and trace it without altering the scaling of the image.  If I succeed I will put up a link and let you know

Some close ups.

This piece has been embroidered on custom order for my co-sisters colleague.

After a long time I have completed the next page in Harmony Mega cross stitch project. I have completed page6.  Hereafter I have decided to do 100 stitches everyday.  I am sticking on to that decision and that's why I was able to finish page 6.

After - U can see some more leaves, stem and a small flower has been added on the right side. 2 more pages for the first row to be finished.  

Now I am concentrating on the kasuti sampler which I have left unattended for months. I have promised u to show the doilies in this post.  Since my previous posts are related to crochet I wanted to show something embroidered and that's why kutch work kurti came into the show.  One more kasuti kurti is waiting for its turn to get embroidered.  Preparations are all done and next week I will start doing it.

The crocheted sofa cover which have been completed a week before is awaiting for the end threads to be weaved in.  After weaving it will take its turn to show up in the blogland.  Till then, Have a happy week end.  Have a nice time with needle and thread.


  1. Really nice kurti are so talented to draw your own designs. Good progress on the cross stitch project.

  2. No wonder it took time to stitch that kutch work - the stitches are so neat and tidy. It is a beautiful colour combination, too!
    I hope you can stick to your 100 stitches-a-day routine. Good luck!

  3. Lovely work!! The colors of kurti and embroidery are pretty!! Good to see your cross stitch progress.


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