Friday, September 23, 2016

Two Tone doily, New start

Thanks all for your lovely comments on my kutch work kurti.  I like that simple design of diamonds and now my hands are itching to make a kutch work bag with these diamonds.  It's in the planning stage. Should I make the design for the whole bag or should I make it in patches. Not able to decide. If it is done for a whole bag it will be a big project again.  Let me see how it works out.

Here I am presenting to you the two tone doily which is a very famous one in the world of crocheters, Easy to do and with two colors it's wonderful.  I have made it in a day and after blocking I like it very very much.  

The pattern is from here.

I have first seen this doily in Ninu's blog.  I like her Lavender and yellow combo and I will make one more doily with that color combo coz this doily has been sold out in the church sale.  Hop over to her blog. You can see wonderful crochet creations with nice colors.

I live in a hot place and I don't need yarn blankets but whenever I see crochet blankets in the blogland I go crazy and I wanted to make one.  Last year I made Sophie's universal blanket and that too has been sold in the sale.  So I started to make a granny stripe blanket to show case in my bed during day. Also it is a stash buster project because I have sooo many local brand acrylic yarns in my stash which I have collected over 2-3  years. I have finished first set of red and orange colors and started off with green now.  I have decided to make one row in a day but sometimes I go mad and go on crocheting 4,5 row at a time.  It's  nicely coming up.

A small cross stitch project is in the finishing stage. Stitching part is over and I am going to finish it into an ornament.  I will show it once completed.

On the crafty side, I am busy and next week we will be going to my mothers place for a short vacation.  Will catch u all after that.  Till then, Take care, Have a happy time with needle n thread, yarns.


  1. You are so productive, and make really neat and elegant things.
    The rainbow granny stripe blanket is stylish!

  2. Beautiful doily! Lovely colors on your blanket.

  3. beautiful Doily, Thanks for your mention about my blog, I am back to doily making. You sold Sophie????

  4. Nice doily. The granny stripe blanket is coming along nicely.

  5. so beautiful doily...

    happy vacation..

  6. beautiful doily. The granny stripe blanket looks lovely already :-)

  7. Love the two tone doily. YOur blanket is coming along wonderfully, looking forward to seeing more of it.

  8. Your work is so pretty. Love the doily.


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