Monday, December 5, 2016

Crochet sofa seat cover - Finished

Hello all

It's time for a Ta da moment.  Yes I have finished the sofa seat cover.  

(Click on the pictures for larger image)

This weekend I have joined all the squares and made three rectangular pieces.  I used flat slip st join.

  Then worked 2 rounds of double crochet around each piece and then joined those pieces with slip stitch with wrong sides facing each other(i.e, the sl stitch on the right side).  It gives a nice joined seam for the two pieces.  Then made a round of dc around and crocheted a simple border for the front side.  For the border I followed this tutorial in youtube.  That's it.  Sofa seat cover done.

One last snap of my sofa seat cover.

For the whole project I have used local brand acrylic yarn and a 3.5mm hook.

Want to see the details of the squares used here. Visit here and here.

I am happy that I have completed it before christmas and I have started to crochet the other sleeper seat(It's a L shaped sofa).  For that I am not doing square but started off with hexagons adding a little bit of colour in each hexagon along with brown and cream.  I will try to finish it before christmas but that is not on my priority list.  The next priority is to finish a few embroidered bands which I have started. 

I have finished two of my cross stitched pieces into ornaments and I will come up with that and a crocheted doily in my next post.   Till then, happy crocheting.


  1. A great finish, and quick, too. many who knit and crochet say the finishing (stitching together) is the hardest part and can be boring. You stuck with it and got a nice cover done before Christmas.
    Now looking forward to your other projects and their progress.

  2. Congrats on a lovely finish. I sent you a message on one of your posts..not sure if you read it.

  3. wow..thats an awesome sofa cover shami..beautiful indeed...and tons of work...

  4. Your seat cover is beautiful. I love the colors.


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