Thursday, November 2, 2017

Something here and there

Hello all
Thanks for your comments in my previous post. I feel like 💃 coz God has been so merciful to us and we are having moderate rainfall past three days. Usually we get low rainfall every year. This week i am in a mood of doing something sort of small projects. And this is what i came up with.

Crocheted some flowers to form a wreath. I followed the youtube tutorial here to make the flowers.

I am going to make a wreath with these.  I have place it in a canvas to see how it looks. I liked it.

What color background can i give for the canvas. I thought i will paint it with light cream. What do you think. Which color suits the best. Please do tell your suggestions.  Or will it look good on a hoop.

Another thing i have embroidered is needlepoint quilt blocks. I have pinnef so many images and patterns in my pinterest board and from that i have done these three blocks to see how it looks on tapestry canvas. It was nice and i will be hanging it my cupboard door.  Finishing is pending.

I will finish both the projects and come up with another post.
My embroidery needle and threads are busy with the following project.

 Thats all for now. Have a happy time with needle and thread.


  1. The flowers are beautiful. I think they would look good on a dark blue background.

  2. Lovely flowers !!... I also think it will good with a dark background in case you are planning to affix it on canvas ..

  3. Those flowers look so sweet. How about putting the on a hoop, a styrofoam or wire ring so you can hang it on the door or wall?

  4. Beautiful flowers! You can also make use of tapestry canvas embroidered pieces for the background, but not sure. I have seen a design similar to your last project but I can't remember what that type of pattern is called.

  5. wow...lovely crochet flowers...your needlepoint attempt looks neat..cant wait to see the Bargello pattern coming up

  6. lovely flowers. I'd love to see these as a wreath.


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