Friday, August 24, 2018

Crocheted bag and a purse

Hello all

Hope everyone is doing well and happy with your needle, thread and yarn.  I am also busy doing some crochet projects as well as some embroidery.

I have completed a crochet bag and a purse.  Happy to showcase it here.

Chroma crochet bag:

Pattern is from here.  I have used 4 ply local acrylic yarn and a 4mm hook.  

Block stitch purse

Followed the pattern from here.  It is an easy and attractive stitch.  Will be doing more projects using this stitch in future.

That's all for now.  What's in your hook.  Do let me know in the comments.  


  1. That's an interesting shape for a bag.

  2. Your bag and purse both are beautiful, Shami. I started a phone pouch, only the handle is left but I moved on to some other project because the fun part was over and making handle was boring.

    1. Ha ha. This happens with me also. When I was cleaning my shelf I found two pouches waiting to get a zipper attached. Yes the finishing part is always boring. But if start that task it might take an hour or two. For that the poor crochet pieces will wait for sooooo long.


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