Sunday, September 30, 2018

Embroidery design 9 - Floral design with quote

I am happy to share the free design for this month.  It is a simple floral design with a simple quote.  

I have completed the embroidered patch into a cushion.  Embroidery is done on plain white poplin cloth.  Just  I have added that dots with a blue marker.  

Back side of cushion.  Added a dark blue fabric in the edge to give a different look.

Now onto the pattern.

Stitches used:
Big flowers - straight stitch(2 strands)
Big leaves - Leaf stitch(2 strands)
Small leaves - Satin stitch(2 strands)
Stem - Stem stitch(2 strands)
Stem with pointed tip - Pistil stitch(4 strands)
Center of flowers - Satin stitch
Letters - Back stitch(3 strands)

Thread used (Anchor embroidery cotton thread)
Flowers - No 154, 169, 185
Leaves - 189, 878
Stem - 878
center of flower - 1217
Pistil stitch - 189
Letters - 169

Some close ups before ending the post.

Hope all of you liked this months pattern.  I am happy that I have posted it before the next month begins.  Will meet you with a crochet finish in my next post.  Till then happy embroidering.


  1. I love the colours you used! Thank you for sharing this sweet pattern.

  2. This is amazing creative work. I appreciated your crafting ideas for DIY. I really love your blog. You always come up with new ideas.

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  3. wow...thats a loely pattern and you have done it nicely


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