Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hexagon crochet and Mega cross stitch update

Hello all

Happy to do a blog post today.  Hexagons in crochet always attracts me.  Last year I have done a baby blanket out of solid hexagons.  This time I have tried starburst hexagon pattern and I started making more.  For each round I changed colors and though it has so many odd ends to weave in, I liked the way it turned out.  I have made a small runner out of those hexagons. And I have displayed it in my dining table.  

I followed the pattern from here.  I joined on the go and weaved in the ends. Making a cushion cover is also in the queue with this pattern.

Next comes the update on my mega cross stitch project harmony.  I have completed one more page and a part of a small puppy is seen now.  It is very cute. 



Everyday I am trying to put 100 stitches in this but sometimes other projects take its priority.  I am trying to concentrate on one project at a time but my mind wanders here and there.  What about you? Do you stick to one at a time or more than one.  Do let me know in the comments.

This year I have started a quilting project but in between my sewing went to a sleepy mode since the stitches were irregular. Last month I have repaired it and have done some more blocks.  Will be showing it in my next post. 

Till then Have a happy time with your needle n thread.


  1. Your hexagon crochet looks lovely! That's a lot of progress on your mega cross stitch. I guess only two more pages left. I usually have multiple projects running but I work on a single project for many days until I get bored and switch to some other WIP.

  2. Nice work. You have lot of patience Shami.


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