Monday, 29 July 2019

Ripple Blanket - Ta da........

Hi dear friends

Today I am very very happy to share my completed ripple blanket.  I have started this blanket journey on 1st day of 2019.  Crocheting a row each day was my goal and I achieved it.  The pattern is from attic24.  

Made a simple border to form a neat edge.  Edging is also from Lucy.  

I have used acrylic 4 ply yarn from Pradhan Embroidery stores and 4mm hook.  I made 2 rows with each color.  Totally I have used 8 colors.  I have used nearly 2 hanks of each color.  

Last year I have started to crochet a blanket using retro vibe square.  I have done one square each day.  All the squares have been completed on last october itself but joining the squares is still pending.  I am half way thru that joining part and probably by next month I will be completing it.  

In my next post I will be coming up with a kasuti neck embroidery.  Till then happy crocheting.


  1. Beautiful work, I love the pop of colour from the pink!

  2. Beautiful blanket. Love the edging!


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