Friday, October 4, 2019

Bullion Flower with embroidered verse

Hi all

Happy to come up with a new design on bullion flower.  I have embroidered a bible verse along with it.  Hope all of you will like it.

I have used the shades of pink and grey.  Some closeups of the bullion flower.

Pattern for the above design

Stitches Used:
Stem stitch for stems 
Leaf stitch for leaves
Feather stitch for sprays
French knots for the buds in the sprays and dots in the letters
Bullion knots
Back Stitch for letters

Thread Numbers(Anchor Embroidery Thread)
 Dark -  921  -   3 strands
Medium  - 920  - 3 strands
Light - 399 - 3 strands

Dark - 69 
Medium - 68
Light - 66

French knots - 6 strands, 1 wrap
Bullion knots - 6 strands,( Inner petal -  6 wraps, Center petals -  10 wraps, Outer petals - 12 wraps)

I have included a small video to show the progress.  Watch it and let me know your opinions in the comments section.

I hope all of you will like it.  If u wish I will show the making of bullion flower  in a separate post.  Till  then,  happy embroidering.


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