Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Kutch work - border design1

Hello all

This is my first design for you all to practice Kutch work which includes the single diamond motif. It is outlined with back stitch. The small flower like design is done with Algerian eye stitch which consists of only straight lines. The centre of the Kutch diamond is stitched with a small cross stitch.


I have used anchor thread numbers 323 and 203.
For Kutch work and Algerian eye flower I have used 3 strands of thread,  for back stitch I have used 4 strands of thread.

This design can be used as borders for Kurtis and sarees.   I will update this post with the yoke pattern using this design.  In my next post I will come up with a satin embroidery neck.  

Next kutch work tutorial will follow soon.  So do keep watching.

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