Thursday, December 31, 2020

Cross Stitch Finishes for Christmas

 Hi all, 

Hope all are doing well.  Our Christmas celebrations are over and happy that everything went on well.  As a part of Christmas, I used to stitch something like ornaments every year.  This year I have stitched two wall hangings.  I have completed one fully and for the other stitching part is over but finishing it into a wall hanging is still pending.  

I wanted to blog about it before this year because in new year I wanted to show new projects to you.  So, onto the cross stitch pieces.

This chart I got from pinterest.  This one I haven't completed into wall hanging.  Now the next  one.

For this instead of hemming the border I have removed 4 rows of threads each sides.  Then glued it to the glitter foam and then glued the glitter foam to a cardstock.  I have placed this in an easel stand instead of tying a ribbon at the back. 

That's all for today's post.  If possible I will try to make a collage of all the projects which I have done this year.  Till then, Happy cross stitching and a Happy new year.

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  1. Such beautiful cross stitch projects!
    All the best for 2021.


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