Thursday, 22 August 2013

Chikan Embroidery design

I am back again with my chikan embroidery design.  This design is from Mridulas Chikankari embroidery course book.  I have worked this design using the bhakya stitch and the Sidaul Jali(wave stitch filling) stitch.   I have embroidered this to practice sidaul Jali stitch.  Sorry for the wrinkles in the cloth.   Hope all of you like this design. 

 I am planning to do a chikan embroidered tops.  I am in the stage of selecting a design.  Fabric is ready.  Do watch my space.  In my next post I will come up with a crocheted doily.  Also have a look at another WIP.  Kutch work with other embroidery stitches.

Have a great time.  Happy embroidering.


  1. How lovely Shami. The first one looks quite intricate. I imagine it was quite time consuming.

    Giveaway only two days left to enter :-)

    keep well


  2. Thank you Shami for your kind post on my blog. Your Chikan embroidery design is beautiful. I have never done this type of embroidery and certainly admire your lovely piece. I also like the stitching on your WIP. It will look very nice when you are done :)

  3. Lovely chikan work shami. your embroidery is lovely.

  4. That is a very beautiful design and I am intrigued by all the embroidery vocabulary - words I don't understand, it sounds so exotic and fantastic.
    The WIP is looking good, too.
    Have fun with the work on the top and I am looking forward to seeing the doily.

  5. i love that beautiful green..:-)

  6. Chikan work is too good Shami.

  7. I love all your chikankari projects.Ooh, do I envy you?

  8. This is very beautiful Shami..the red and black is very nice and you have done avery neat work..


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